Academic Council


To meet the needs of the people and based on the surrounding needs, as per the guidance of the university to implement at college level.


  • Acting as bridge among all departments, IQAC, examination cell and university for implementation of the syllabus and others.
  • To enhance the knowledge of the faculty according to syllabus and need of the student required for instruction.
  • Conducting student awareness programs related to core subjects and others.
  • Monitoring all committees as per requirements of the action plan.
  • Taking active role in the preparation of time table, curriculum plans and institutional plan.
  • Guiding all departments in the preparation of departmental action plan.
  • Guiding in adopting I.C.T. teaching and learning process.
  • Implementing the examination system and evaluation process.
  • The academic cell was constituted in the college to coordinate all the academic activities in the college like admissions, class work, examinations etc.
  • The college has been giving importance to value based education, skilled education.

Some of the key functions of the academic cell are conducting the following:

  • Academic  audit
  • Sending data to higher authorities

The committee is as follows:

S.No Name of the faculty member Subject Designation
1    Sri Ch. Balaraju    Lecturer in Economics Coordinator
2   Sri P.Visweswar    Lecturer In English Advisor
3    M.V.V Satyaveni     Lecturer In Botany Member
4      Dr.K.Subramanyam   Lecturer  In Physics Member
5    Dr.D.Satyalatha    Lecturer In  Telugu Member
6    Smt C.Jhansi Devi    Lecturer In Maths Member
7     P. Padma Sekhar  Lecturer In Commerce Member
8    P. Srinivasa Rao   Lecturer In Zoology Member
9   V.V.V. Siva Prasad    Lecturer In Politics Member
10    B.S.V Prasad    Lecturer In Chemistry Member
11    R.Srinu    Lecturer In History Member
12    V Devi Prasanna    Lecturer In Computer Applications Member


                                       ACADEMIC AUDIT FORMATS for 2020 -21

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Format – II,III,IV

2(f) :

College Annual Action Plan for the Academic Year  2022 -23  :